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God gave me this vision of my business and the name years ago. Through the constant process of personal transition from one thing to the next, I didn't fully understand back in 2014 exactly what it was God was calling me to do, but more specifically, why me. At this point in my life I felt broken and alone. I went through personal hardships financially, spiritually, and in my body physically. I didn't know who I was or who I was becoming. All I knew is that God gave me a passion in my heart for others and burning in my soul to help others who may be experiencing feeling lost or broken and I couldn't shake the vision. I didn't know where I belonged or to whom. I had to find myself after being broken from what I thought would kill me was only breaking me and molding me who God wanted me to be.


Now I am motivated by God’s word. It has motivated me to reach out to help others realize their brokenness want destroy them. I have a desire for making something or someone that was once broken or scarred into something beautiful again; meanwhile, allowing others to see the beauty behind the brokenness of it all. Helping women or others understand that their broken state made them but they don’t have to stay there.


Why the name Pure Diamond Designs?

The name came from a deep place to finding myself. My name Katrina means Pure in Hebrew.  So that's where Pure came from (me finding out who God made me to be). Diamond-because often times diamonds are found in bottom of ocean and are often buried or hidden in the dirt when found. Then they clean/crush it and after the process of cleaning/crushing it shines beautiful. Which it was happened with me(Scarred, Broken, Dirty but Cleaned by God to shine. Then there is Designs=I don’t want to just stick with one thing to market.







, it




High fashion women Clothing

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